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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Earthquake In Chile

An Earthquake Woke Us UP Shaking our Beds

Chile had a 7.0 size earthquake Saturday night at about 11:30. I was in bed sleeping and then there was a little shake but I thought that it was just my companion moving on the bottom bunk and then the shaking got a little harder and I kind of woke up.  The whole bed was just shaking and then I was a little scared because our bed is about to fall apart without an earthquake! Thank you for the sleeping bag, I love it! It is really warm and it helps me not fall off the bed because I can’t roll around and fall off.

(Here is a link with details about the earthquake:

I just got news from my college roommate that one roommate is going to Denmark and the other is in El Salvador.

Right now, I am doing great, I’m ending my training this week, I have almost 18 weeks in the mission. 

We have had some people come to church and they are preparing to be baptized on the 30th of April. They are from Haiti. 

On our P-days we usually play soccer and hang out as a zone. Today one of our zone leaders is going home in a week so we are really working hard. 

Spanish is hard. Some of the grammar rules don’t make sense but I can have a conversation with the people if I need too. I can understand a lot but I just don’t know all the words so every day I am trying to learn 5 new words.

Normally we get up at 7 am and work out and then we get ready and study. After that we go eat lunch with the members and then we tract to find new people to teach. We are about 15 minutes from the ocean by car. Our mission president's home is about 5 minutes from the ocean. I have seen the ocean a few times but we can’t go within 3 blocks of the beach so I will probably never see it. 

Every 6 weeks we have a zone conference and we met with the mission president in person. We also meet with investigators and try to help them come unto Christ and improve their lives. We walk a lot and then walk some more! The only time we take a bus is when we go to the store or into Vina del Mar. 

For Easter we held a special event and got 500 referrals’ to teach and all of South America got 2,800. So, we got like 20 percent of them. 

Our mission president got to meet with Elder Nelson last week and this month we are having a meeting with Elder Ballard’s son. 

I am really loving Chile and I love all of you and want you to know that I am doing fine. 

Love, Elder Fausett

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